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BMW E46 newb...probably need advice

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  • BMW E46 newb...probably need advice

    Hey everyone. I drive a 2001 BMW 330ci and have been wanting a carputer for some time now. Being a college student the name of the game for me is inexpensive, but not cheap.

    My hope is to base my system around a MAC mini, Xenarc display, and run audio directly to my factory amplifier. I'll be trying to buy used parts as much as possible, so if you have anything let me know. If anyone happens to know anything about hooking a computer directly up to my stock Harmon/Kardon sound system, please let me know.

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    I have a 2002 BMW 320i, and was thinking of getting a carpc setup as well. I live in Surrey, BC, Canada, and may just get the setup by a local pro, if I decide to go indash.

    I thought about looking for a head unit that supports VGA, but have not seen any that show promise of quality...

    Someone here does custom bezels for BMW (e46), kind of expensive though,$250 bucks for the bezel + shipping...

    anyone local in my area that has created a bezel for the BMW 3 series (e46), please contact me...


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      well I purchased my mac mini yesterday and am working on partitioning the hd to run xp pro as well. My next task is to find a screen that I like and can afford, and make a custom bezel for it. I'm doing this project in stages and will probably take a while, but if you still don't have a bezel by the time I make mine, I can make a mold of my bezel and make one for you too if you would like.


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        Good luck both of you with your installs, have a good look on the board because there are already a good number of E46 installs to give you some good ideas.

        Also regarding the mybimmer bezel, it is quality work and well worth the money.