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  • another noob here

    so I'm not sure I'm ready to jump fully into a car PC. I'm trying to figure out the best way to have a setup that will do this:
    touchscreen control
    MP3 player hook up
    can connect to my 2 amps and have good sound quality

    I don't need a dvd player. Is there a way I can build something like this for myself, or would I be better off buying something off the shelf like a pioneer Avic? I was hoping to build something for fun and maybe it would be cheaper. Any help would be appreciated

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    One way if your not really ready for a carpc setup is to get the Xenarc MDT-X7000. That way you will have a hu now and be able to use it when you get a carpc. I might not be making much sense to you, so here is a link to it:
    My Worklog
    I'm using my carputer 100%, but I still need to make it easier to use.