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Newbie w/ ?'s ford probe

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  • Newbie w/ ?'s ford probe

    Hello everyone. I Have looked through these forums for the past few days and needed some confirmation on some things before I proceed with building my first carpc. First some info.

    I Have a 93 ford probe GT. even though it is a ford most ford specific items will not fit or work with this car as the engine and electronics are mazda. I.E. it has a mazda 2.5 V6 not the ford 3.0. It is of coarse OBD1 but when i went to the auto parts store to buy a code ready they obd1 reader they had supported 89-92 probes (weird) ok on to what I am wanting to do. I have some spare computer parts around (enough to build a small carpc) but I want to be able to interface with my ECU. I know I have read the thread with the civic but its a very old thread and some links no longer work. I have read that I can convert my car to OBD2 but with the probe that brings with it complications in installing different performance systems. If you need anymore info Ill be more than happy to reply any ideas on which path I should take? I love the way street deck works and looks as well.