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2007 Nissan Pathfinder Amp install Questions

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  • 2007 Nissan Pathfinder Amp install Questions

    Hey folks,

    New to the site, but what I have read so far tells me that most people here are pretty smart when it comes to this stuff. So, here's what I'm working on.

    The wife just bought a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder, upgrading from a 2004 Nissan Xterra. We had this system in her X now I want to move it over. I uninstalled it all, but I had had it professionally installed in the X. Seeing as it cost me $1300.00 with wires and everything the first time I don't want to spend that again.

    I have done several installs before but this one will take some tweaking. I need to post some pics so you will all better know what I mean, but for the moment let me describe it for you.

    In the far rear of the truck there is a panel that lifts to give you the jack and tools. Under this panel is a molded plastic piece with cut outs for the jack and the tools. I have determined that I can remove this plastic piece and use this space for the amps. Now in the X the amps were mounted on a piece of carpeted fiberboard and then mounted to the back of the seat. I can't do that in this one. It has three rows and we want to keep the third row down as we won't use it. So from what I can see the best place would be to mount them in the floor using the space under this panel.

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this before or not. I will post pics ones I can get them small enough to upload.



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    Ok, in the first pic is the amp rack and the sub from the Xterra. The second pic is the panel in the Pathfinder. The third is the cover panel removed. The fourth is the jack and tools from above to show depth and the 5th shows the depth from the level of the floor and the thickness of the panel itself.

    If I were to remove the Jack, tools and the plastic piece do you think it would be deep enough to custom make a plate to hold the amps and still have it meet the level of the floor?

    Anything you can come up with would be awesome!!

    Thanks for any help!!

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      Wel...I have an 08 Xterra. That compartment that lifts up is quite bigger than the one I am seeing in the Pathfinder. I have 2 amps, capacitor, digital sound processor in that compartment. They barely fit. First questions/answers...What size amps are you using? Waht are the dimensions?. If the pathfinders storage area is anything like the new X's, it is basically a thick plastic "tub" on the body. So behind the passenger seats I was able to drill holes into the "tub" and run all the wires hidden. Why 2 amps? Could you do it with one multi-channel amp??
      Also.. That area does not look too big..What's underneath it if anything? Could you hack that cheap plastic out all together to deepen it? It would still be covered by the top cover. And if you are putting amps in there for the purpose of hiding them who would care?


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        I'll let the guys who have yr vehicle advise on specifics, but get out yr tape measure and chck dims of existing amps. You have one main plus sub amp?

        If there's enuf clearance for mount and wiring, you could put it there. i guess yr amps aren't that hi powrd so heat wouldn't be a problem. consider it if they ARE high powered, 200 watts or more...

        The amps will need 12 volts and ground. Usually, the best way is a run from the battery directly, but be SURE it's fused at the battery. You can grind body metal 'till very shiny, drill, and attach ground cable locally to amps.

        They sell install kits for amps that come with thick power and ground cable, connectors, fuse, power distribtion block. They're overpriced, but at least you get everything in one package.

        More specs on amps, power draw, output power, etc always helps when you're seeking advice. This site, and web in general is full of useful and conflicting info.

        Go for it!!

        And by the way, this a a carpc web site, so ya gotta ask wifey if you can budget one for your ride. It's a fun challenge and!

        Happy CarPC'ing!


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          If I am up to date on my Pathfinders...There is fold down third row seating...What's under there? Wink