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How to attach an amp to the computer.

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  • How to attach an amp to the computer.

    Now days most computers use the old 3.5 mm jack for the output to speakers, now the problem, how dose one go about hooking up an amp. i know there are some amps that have optical inputs but most don't, dose any one know if there are audio cards that use pre outs.


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    There's a great FAQ to get you started:


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      All soundcard outputs are basically "pre-outs." They're low level signals that can go straight to an amp. All you need is a dongle to convert 3.5mm jacks into RCA's. They're $5 at Radioshack, probably cheaper elsewhere if you look.
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        Thanks for the info, so you just need to "hack" apart the 3.5 Jack


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          you don't need to hack apart anything... just get an adapter like this:

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            oh ok, ive got one of them allready, however i dont konw where to get em from, i'll prob just have a look at my local comp shop...

            Thanks for your help, and i think others will be too.


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              You said you already have one? So why do you need to go find them at the shops?

              In my system I'm using a SoundBlaster Live card with two stereo 3.5mm outputs (one for front L/R, one for rear L/R) to feed sound to my 4ch amp. If you have a 4ch amp you can buy a splitter to send the same L/R to both the front/rear.


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                last time im using a 6 channel sound card. and use the same thing like they said . a 3.5 phone jack to two RCA is the best way .

                PC --> adapter wire --> amp RCA input

                Soundcard --> adapter wire --> amp RCA input
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                  That would only be giving you two channel.


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                    hello !

                    I'm quite new to the audio field, and I need to connect my subwoofer to my sound card, I have a ESI Maya44, but I'm not sure if I need a special 'out' of the soundcard for that.
                    The advantage of using a direct connection of the sub to the soundcard resides, as I've been told, in the use of the amp volume function for both the sub and the main speakers, and not 2 (when connecting the sub to the amp.).


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                      i need to find where i can get more than one, becouse i only have one. lol it came with something. its in my BIG BOX OF CABLES!!!