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Aopen Vs Mac Mini

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  • Aopen Vs Mac Mini

    I am trying to figure out what computer to use in my install and have narrowed it down to either a mac mini or an aopen pc. I would like to install it in my dashboard. Does anyone have a preference or experience with either?

    I like the aopen because it works with carnetix power regulator, has USB ports on the front of the case, has a remote control and I can put the wireless receivers external to the case for better range.

    I like the mac mini, because it works with the carnetix power regulator, has a remote control, I will not need to assemble it and I like the possibility of being able to play around with a mac. I have always been a PC owner, and am looking for an excuse to see what all of the fuss is about with macs. Does anyone know if you can use popular front ends and software on Mac OSX, or do you need Windows.

    Any advice related to using Mac OSX, mac minis or aopen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    I'd love to help you decide between either the AOpen MiniPC or the Mac Mini, but I don't know that I can. They both have beneficial factors and the true deciding factor is what your looking for in a CarPC.

    Personally, I would recommend building a custom system, but if thats not an option I would purchase the Mac Mini. Macs are beautiful pieces of hardware, and OS X is an amazing operating system with some great features that Windows simply cannot match.

    As for your question about front end applications, Roadrunner, probably the most popular front end software is only available on Windows. You can still use it on your Mac, but you will have to use either bootcamp or virtual machine software like VMWare or Parallels. StreetDeck, another popular front end application is also only available on Windows.

    However, there are a few front end applications that have been developed for the Mac, such as QCar, CarFrontEnd, Neon Boombox, and AMP. If you do go with the Mac Mini, you can always try those out before running Windows.

    Best of luck to you!
    Considering installing a CarPC as my senior project.


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      I suppose I could get the mac mini and if I don't like the mac front ends I could switch to windows. I have been reading about them on the forums and they seem like they require a good bit of customization. Unfortunately I'm not a programmer. I'm also assuming that using virtual machine software has an affect of boot times. I kind of like the idea of being able to customize and upgrade my hardware as necessary. I'll probably stick with Aopen.


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        You read correctly in reading that they require a bit of customization, but you would probably be able to overcome it with a bit of research and learning.

        Your also correct in assuming that Virtual Machine software will affect your boot times, it will. Bootcamp probably wouldn't -- but it would be much more inconvenient.

        If your looking to upgrade and customize, the AOpen MiniPC is definitely what you want to get. I'm sure you know that Macs allow little-to-no customization, so if your looking to upgrade you are making the right choice in sticking with the AOpen.

        I'm sure you will be happy with either one, but from what I understand the AOpen seems more suitable for your needs.
        Considering installing a CarPC as my senior project.