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  • M1 90w ATX

    Okay, so i've done the math, I know that with the computer setup I will be using, I can power the system with room to spare. The big question in my mind, is that the M1 supposably has different settings for startup and shutdown times. My question is, do I still with this PSU, need to wire a wire from the PSU into the Ignition?

    I have been looking around but, 1, I dont have an amp, 2, my Cigarette lighter is always on, so it's not a switch. What are other sources of Ignition, or ACC not sure which i'm looking for, but what are other sources possibly without tearing apart the dash

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    Actually, I may have solved my own question, well the first part of it anyways. There is a connector on the M1, which enables me to wire in a wire to the ignition. I dont need to setup anything with that, because once it's wired it, and I put the key into the "ignition", the power supply will know to start its cycles then( i.e delay, then startup etc etc). Am I right about this? Do I need to fuse this wire at all? What size should it be?


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      The "ignition" wire can be very small and you don't need a fuse. I use 16awg for mine.
      It's just used to sense when the ignition is on to trigger the M2 to initiate bootup.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        3 wires

        You do need to find the third wire. Like DP said it is a signal for when to turn on and off. You might find a place to tap in at your fuse box without tearing into the dash.


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          Alright sweet, thanks guys