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Help new here MP3 install problems.

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  • Help new here MP3 install problems.

    Hello Newbie here. I have have question on where and how I should hook up my Creative Zen Vision M player to my 04 Toyota Rav4. I've tried the FM transmitter idea which was horrible. Should I go with an FM modulator from some one like Clarion or Alpine? Or should I just get a tape cassette transducer? I don't care about cost. I'm just looking for the best audio quality from the MP3 to the speakers. Suggestions and comments appreciated. Thank You. I'll try and search for thread similar to this question while waiting on answers.

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    Welcome to the forums. Unfortunately these forums are geared more towards carputers. I can see how the name can be misleading though. Although, I think you best bet would be to upgrade your head unit to and get one that has an Aux input. This way you aren't dealing w/ possible interference from another close FM unit.
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