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I'm trying to find a double din CarPC case WITHOUT a screen?

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  • I'm trying to find a double din CarPC case WITHOUT a screen?

    Hi guys. I've been doing a lot of searching, but I'm not getting any winners.

    as the subject says, I'm looking for a double DIN case for my first CarPC project, but it needs to be one with no screen, just a normal PC type front with room for a laptop sized dvdrw writer, a/v inputs, a couple of USB ports and and possibly a multi-card reader too (maybe).

    The screen will be in a housing on the top of the dash which is already there and is currently housing the existing 5" 4:3 factory fitted (but largely useless outside of japan) touchscreen.

    I plan on using a 7" 16:9 touchscreen in it's place, so I don't want a screen on the main box as it is not needed, it would be too low down to be safely read whilst driving (for satnav etc.) and will be quite close to the auto gear lever so I don't want to have something there that could get a fist through it at some point.

    other components that I'll be looking in integrate into the system are:

    - mp3/divx playback from either internal or external hdd.
    - satnav with maps of europe.
    - bluetooth access to my mobile/cell phone for calling via the CarPC and internet access (Nokia N95 if it makes a difference).
    - day/night reversing camera and possibility of an extra fisheye bumper/nose/bonnet cam for easier creep & peep maneuvers at blind junctions.
    - wifi access for internet access where available and also for music/video transfers whilst at home.
    - OBDII connection to the car so I can gather info about the state of the engine etc. via the carpc.
    - remote start and possibly integration into the alarm system to send an sms message to me if the alarm goes off and maybe (if this isn't too far fetched) an option to remotely kill the cars engine remotly via a text message sent to it.

    that's it for now, let me know what you think and if I'm being realistic or not.