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  • New Project 2004 Subaru Legacy Wagon

    So i'm starting a project with a friend here, we want to design an in car PC setup, so far we have looked all over at various options.

    I think we will probably end up using the VOOM chassis and build from there, plans include controls of most of the incar functions via usb digital control boards (Arduino's things like that).

    For now we are looking to people on here to assist with probably the biggest part.

    The Screen. We have considered both flip out, and mounted displays. It must look and appear clean, if something around can be purchased - great - if not, fabrication is not an issue as I have a shop with tools required to fabricate both plastics and metal.

    This is a stock shot I found online, it has the "upgraded" radio which I beleive is double din, what we have right now is a basic CD/Am/FM, a little pocket with a door, and then a blank hole

    We have about 3 DIN to play with here.

    What kind of ideas can everyone give us to get this project under way?


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    First and Foremost -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-


    As always, it's recommended that anyone exploring the carpc install idea readover the FAQ's (at the top of the screen). Browse all through the forums and soak the experiences of others up like a sponge. Go to "search" and, well, search...

    Tedious tho it may be, read, read, read. Some will tell you that whatever your questions, they've probably already been answered here. I find that to be generally true, although every install is delightfully different, filled with challenges and hair-pulling dilemmas.

    I can't offer any advice about clean dash installs, as I have my 7' Lilliput 629 touchscreen mounted on a gooseneck mount to the right of my center hump, right by the passenger. I also have a few visable wiring bundles in my Saturn Wagon, and am just ok with that...

    It's not recommended to install your carpc under the seat, due to dirt, dust, and well......intestinal gasses!

    happy carpc'ing!

    Happy CarPC'ing!


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      So far the lilliput is on my list of things to look at, i've poured over FAQ's, searched the forum.

      I keep finding this lilliput guide referenced in threads from WW, and it doesn't seem to be there anymore.

      what are people doing in their vehicle for custom bezel's, is there a source? Are most people creating there own? Where do people get the materials for that...


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        grinthock- Welcome to the forum. Currently there is no one stop solution for screen bezels. Most people attempt to make their own or have soneone do it for them.

        I am one of those persons that have concentrationg on providing nice custom made bezels for Subarus. My bezels look clean and OEM. With the space that your friend's car has, I would suggest a nice molded 7" screen in that location. If there is there is enough space, I would even make the screen fit in the OEM radio location without having to modified the actual bezel itself.


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          Mate if your still looking for a bezel, you know the WRX bezel that a memeber on here made fits like a glove, and made for a lilliput, check the mp3car shop or do a search on here for Mechatroniks
          New Car PC Build list in progress