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Suggestions for PC in motorhome

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  • Suggestions for PC in motorhome

    I am looking for suggestions for putting together a system for my motor home.

    I intend to use Windows XP Media Center Edition to use this as a TV/DVR/web surfing machine.

    I'll be installing this in the coach part of the motorhome, so I don't need a small touch-screen -- a 15" widescreen LCD would be better for web surfing and watching TV.

    I plan on using an EVDO router with an aircard for internet access.

    The main requirements are obvious: quiet, low power consumption, and enough power to watch/record TV.

    How much computing power (CPU speed, RAM) will I need to watch/record TV?

    Are there any small form-factor mainboards that have good built-in video cards, tv tuner cards, and wifi? If not, do you have suggestions for a good combination of components to achieve these functions?

    I have other questions also, but thought this would be a good place to start.

    Thanks in advance!