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    Hi everyone i am new to this forum, how is everyone. I have a sony cdx-r3300 radio and have no sound when i plug it into my harness. I have a 1996 cougar for which i purchased the extra harness from advanced auto parts to wire the radio up to. I used connectors and elec tape. I did not hook up the remote wire, antena or power antena wire. The radio works when i plug it in, however there is no sound. Can anyone help me out. Thanks in advanced.

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    Originally posted by fordavid View Post
    I did not hook up the remote wire, antenna or power antenna wire.
    1. This forum is for CARPUTERS
    2. Hook up your antenna, some radio won't even cause a static noise or anything unless the antenna is hooked up. ( might damage it)
    3. Either your wires are wrong, or you have a bad radio., E-Cig Mods
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      Thanks muldrick sorry for wrong post. I will try that and let you know how it goes.