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  • Noob in Metro Atlanta.

    Hello all... I recently saw what advances mp3cars have made since when I first looked into building a carputer.

    Back when I first built a carputer 800mhz Celeron and 4x20 LCD/VFD displays were the bomb (like ~6 years ago). I had built a custom plexi case ~12"x12"x16" running video to a 7" LCD (no touch) by way of s-video and song display by way of 4x20 LCD (mainly becuase you couldn't read the songs on screen). It was never installed in my car because I getting ready to sell the car and my dad nixed the idea of having a TV in my car because "I was going to crash my car".

    What I just saw the other day was 7" touchscreen running streetdeck (i LOVE onscreen gesture shortcuts) and computer mini-itx in a case that was about the size of a amp. Dead sexy the integration.

    I am no stranger to normal sound builds in cars (HU, amps, speakers) but venturing into carputer is going to be a new ground for me. My patience (not rushing into projects) and fabrication skills have improved and I am willing to try out the carputer dance again.

    So, hello to all the fellow noobs like me and pros that are willing the help us. Ill be lurking around, reading up and asking questions when I need an answer. See you all around.