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    i have been reading this site for few days now, and i find this site more informational than any other so far when it comes to subject about installing a CarPuter. I work as a network/system engineer and been building PCs since 1997 so i am very comfortable with it. I have used a laptop before in my car with an inverter but always hated carrying it in and out. One thing i lack is thorough knowledge about cars, but i am learning more and more as i read. Planning to install a CarPuter soon, and before i do that i will run the hardware by you PROs here incase i am missing anything and/or someone might have experienced issue(s) with particulars in there. Thanks for a great site and i look forward to posting more and more going forward and help others ( only with computers :-p for now )
    thanks for everyone support and posts which i am sure lot of people like myself find very helpful