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  • Hibernation question

    I just installed my carpc over the weekend and now looking to optimize bootup time.

    I am currently running XP SP2 on a IDE hard drive.

    I read that many folks are hibernating there system to decrease bootup time.

    I have a silly......does using hibernation require a constant 12v source to the powersupply?

    I am using a M2-ATX powersupply and I believe it cuts power to the PC after about 15 seconds when i turn ignition off. So will hibernation still work since the power supply is removed from the board?

    I am also going to do the minlogon tweak tonight .....removed almost all of the startup apps found in startup and disabled a bunch of services....... After installing i just discovered nlite....i want to avoid using it for now since it will force me to re-install windows. any other things i can disable/remove to increase bootup time and make my front end more responsive (centrafuse)? i have 512mb of ram and using the epia 1000 board.

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    with hybernate the system wrights the info to a file (you need to check a box in config powersupply) Because of that file you lose a bit of diksspace. Some systems realy bennefit from this, others don't.
    The other thing is standby. Than the ram has to be powerd at all time, drains your battery, but bootup is quick.

    Ps you can chanche the settings on your m2 by change the possition of the jumper.
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      I I have three options.

      Cold Shutdown Longer bootup time and power to computer is not required (so no excess battery drain)

      Hibernate Shorter bootup time and power to computer is not required ?

      Standby Shortest bootup time but power to power is required and this will eventually drain your battery.

      Am i correct? So with hibernation I just need I can achieve shorter bootup time and still be able to cut power to my PC?
      I just need enough disk space to write to correct?

      Also...since it needs to write to disk to hibernate....will going into hibernation take a longer time?

      Thanks for the help.


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        yeah going into hibernation can take longer than just shutting down.

        most of the time resuming from hibernation works fine, sometimes it can glitch and you have to do a real reboot.

        i gave up on it, and just stripped windows back to what it needed for a car pc, boots pretty fast anyway

        you could put a small "tank" battery in so you can click shutdown, turn the car off and walk away, the small tank battery will supply power while the computer finishes doing what it needs to. also helps reduce the strain on the psu when you start the car


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          In case it wasn't clear, yes, hibernation requires no power. You could completely unplug the computer and it wouldn't know the difference. Some hardware seems to put up with hibernation better than others. My old Voodoo 3dFX graphics card on my home PC (for the 3rd monitor) absolutely freaks out trying to resume from hibernation. Other systems (especially laptops that are made for hibernating) do fine just about every time.
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            I am running a similar setup as you (i am assuming you meant epia m10000, not 1000?) and I can resume from hibernation in 20 seconds. Centrafuse takes along time to load, so hibernation is best. Even with a stripped windows, it will probably take a minute to boot into music with centrafuse. But I only have 256 ram, so your 512 might take a bit longer to resume.


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              thanks for the replies.


              yup i have the it would take me longer to resume since i have 512mb versus 256mb? I guess i don't understand that.

              Is your system setup for HORM nobb?

              I just got winlogon working this morning....i think i'll try hibernation next.


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                It would take a few seconds more since you have to write 512mb to the hard drive vs me only having to write 256mb during hibernation. But test it out first to see if the hibernation times are acceptable to you first. It doesnt feel slow with 256mb, but I notice Centrafuse uses about 150mb of memory so you might want to stick with the 512. I am using a full size install of xp, nothing special so no HORM.