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  • Hello , new here

    I actually been using this site for 2 years ocassionally as information but did not join it. I found the site really helpful. Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone from a newbie

    Just hello to community. I'm new here, just a few days, but also find very helpfull. I'm starting my own carpc project and looking for input.
    Just started
    Mitshubishi Pajero/Montero 1996
    CARPC 0% :(


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      Hi Slax and Ivankoh,

      Yep, this is the place. It's always suggested thast a new enthusiast do a LOT of reading into the posts, and do a LOT of searches...tedious tho it may be.

      I did about three months of research before planning and buying eqpt, and didn't waste too much money on ooopses due to poor planning or lack of knowledge/experience.

      Anyway, a very warm welcome to the mad obsession!

      Happy carpc'ing!

      Happy CarPC'ing!