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nissan xtrail 2003 type 1 t30 screen sizes

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  • nissan xtrail 2003 type 1 t30 screen sizes

    Hi i have decided to get rid of the factory casset tape player with a 6 disk cd changer and steering remote , and get a carputer instead , i have only just heard of this so i have a few questions , i think that the factory headunit is single din and there is a spring loaded cubby under it whitch is single din , so i think the space on the xtrail is double din , now what size of touch screen do i get to fill the hole and not leave any gaps , and would it be a wide screen , also i have seen you guys remove the button controls etc and your just left with the screen , if thats the case how do you turn it on etc etc? thanks for the time

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    Mr cgibb

    You only have a FEW questions? Stick around, you'll come up with a few dozen more.

    For an example, my lilliput 629 touchscreen case measures about 7-1/2" wide, 5-1/4" high, and 1-1/4" deep. If you take the display out obviously you'd subtract an inch or more on w and h.

    I don't have mine mounte in dash (see my pics), so check out the FABRICATION forum for some details about how others did in-dash installs. i almost was ready to mount mine in dash, but I am considering a 10.4" screen 'cause I'm older and blinder than most...

    I'll leave it to the guys that have done dash installs to inform you more. Welcome to the obsession!
    Happy CarPC'ing!