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Touch Screen That Fits inside 7"W x 4"H (Double DIN) Space and Works in Linux?

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  • Touch Screen That Fits inside 7"W x 4"H (Double DIN) Space and Works in Linux?

    First, this is a great forum, and I really don't like asking questions without proper research. I've been through the search function, eBay, Google to hell and back and I've honestly read EVERY "double DIN" thread that I can find in this forum. Trust me, there's a helluva lot of them!

    As of right this moment, it seems that there is NO touch screen commercially available for under $500 that'll fit in a double din (no larger than 7"W x 4"H) and I'll need to hack up my dash

    ... is this right? If this is true, no WONDER people have been waiting for over a year (!!!!!) for this thing:

    If a monitor was exactly 7x4 inches, the diameter would be a bit over 8inches... but even 7" monitors don't appear to fit properly, usually too tall.

    My first idea I'm thinking of is finding a 6" or 6.5" non-touchscreen monitor and putting a touch screen overlay on it... is that feasible?

    What kind of other options do I have? I'm basically resigned at this point to just go with a single DIN in-dash monitor motorized or not, because I cannot hack up my dash at this point in time.

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      You obviously haven't looked at the Mekatronics kit & a Lilliput LCD.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        There are about 15 other posts about double din screens, do a little bit of searching and you'll find what you need
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