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Dual Audio... Again - The Chiken or the Egg?

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  • Dual Audio... Again - The Chiken or the Egg?

    Hi Forum,

    This is my first post and I am going to ask something that has been discussed before but is somewhat unclear still - for me anyway.

    There are a lot of questions about dual soundcards dual zones but few answers. I have done searches on Dual zone, dual soundcards, dual audio and more.

    My goal is to have a system where all video (DVD, AVI, DivX, TV ++) goes to "the entertainment" screens (sun visor and headrest's) and all music, phone, navigation ODB II and more goes to "the control" screen.
    I would like to control all applications incl. video from "the control" screen but have audio/Video going to "entertainment" screen and to dedicated sound output going into screens and IR transmitter.
    This way I will be in control and can listen to MP3, phone, Navigation, Radio and all on the car speaker system while the kids and passengers is listening to Video sound through wireless earphones.

    So my question is:
    Have anybody done this with success in a stable system with dual audio control? If so can they post their setup, hardware and Frontend? This is where the Chicken and the Egg comes in, I would happily buy CF or SD and various hardware but It would be nice to first have feedback from someone with a working system and not only a "this will properly work" from an expert if you know what I mean?
    I do not have any frontend preferences as this will be my first CarPC but it needs to be simple enough for my wife to use.
    I am thinking Dual processor (mobile), small SSD and 2GB Ram for operating system and then huge 250GB Laptop drive(2½”) in removable tray for Audio/Video storage. Any Ideas?

    Any Info is welcome

    Cheers Robert

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    I believe there is a demonstration (prototype) of Street Deck doing just that. But the main difference is that there are 3 computers in the car. The three computers communicate together so, for example, a person in the back can choose a destination and the destination would appear in the GPS in the front.


    I don't know if this is currently available but is this what concept you are talking about?
    Software Developed:
    DS-ATX Controller Interface
    Laptop Shutdown Controller

    Considered Projects:
    TPMS Interface
    Bluetooth Handsfree Interface (WIDCOMM/BROADCOMM)


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      Hi Ineffigy,

      Thanks for your input.
      What I am looking for is a working setup where you can control front and rear from the front screen. The rear passengers do not really need to control anything. But I need to be able to "shuffle" the output.
      Ideally I would almost always listen to MP3 and Radio while navigating on the front while the rear is watching a video (wearing headsets), I will be in control on the front screen and of the video and audio on the rear screens. Occasionally I would like the video and video-audio to show on all screens and the video-audio to come out of the mail speakers. (When the car is parked)

      I would like to hear from anybody who has a similar system that actually works and is easy to control when set up.

      I have searched everywhere for this and have found a lot of suggestions but no working system. This would be nice before I go and buy something that is not compatible with what I want.

      Thank in advance to all the experts.