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  • Help me choose a CPU and board

    I am in the beginning of the planning stages of a carputer, and I am trying to find performance charts for various low voltage processors, but I am not able to find any. Tom's Hardware doesnt seem to do the Via and Celeron-Ms, etc.

    I have had a horrendous experience with the performance of a Via processor, but it wasnt the C7-2 processor. Does anyone know of a site with perfomance charts for these types of processors, your Celeron ULVs, Vias, AMD Geodes, etc.

    Ive heard of some people using Core2 Mobile processors too, how much more voltage do these use?


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    It depends on what you want to do. I ended up getting an Intel D201GLY2 which is basically a single core version of the core2duo's, but very low power usage. It's fanless, the CPU is soldered on the motherboard and its dirt cheap ($60-$70).

    One thing to keep in mind is how much space you have. I am new myself and tried to get the smallest thing I could. I now have a very small install that's about the size of a ream of paper including the DC-DC adapter and case. It looks like an amp, but my upgrade options are limited by my hardware choices. Had I chosen to go with a larger case and different motherboard, I could do things differently.

    Just make sure you plan it out before you buy anything. I am pretty pleased with how mine looks, but I might have done it differently if I wasn't so impulsive