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First time install, bmw x5

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  • First time install, bmw x5

    ok. here's the breakdown (and yes, i'm a noob)

    ok, 2003 bmw x5, no nav or dsp, just standard audio

    at my disposal right now i have the mobo of a hp pavilion dv4000 (laptop)

    and that's really it. but i'm quite interested in install a fully system. i really want to integrate it into the ibus, looks like a cool possibility.

    i may even take a hand at some custom software, however rr looks pretty cool so far.

    my questions.....

    1. should i even stick with the laptop platform??? I know that power can be .... interesting with a laptop vs a desktop with an atx connector. power management is rather important

    2. wiring. i plan to the mobo in the back in the side compartment, if i do this what should i run up to the dash, vga and usb? there's got to be more than that....

    3. what's the best screen. i've read some great things about the liliput(sp?) i think to fit in the x5 it has to be less than 7inches....

    4. computer boot on unlock.... i know there is a psu that can do that....

    5. cooling. how have you guys been getting excess heat out?

    6. bt + intergrated car mic.......

    7. well right now what is the best software....

    8. ibus. anyone know which interface is the best....(well i could only find two)(and no, this laptop has usb only)

    i'm up for anything guys.(and gals)

    please share with me your advice, cool ideas or what ever. i would love to have your input. and for the record i'm only 17(so yes, budget is semi-tight), but i know a pretty fair amount about comptuers.

    and thanks! i know that was a lot of questions.

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    1. If you can, move away from a laptop board, however if it's easier for version 1. go with it, but for the final version you will probably use a Mini ITX ot MATX board.

    2. Audio maybe? Also an on/off switch, mouse JIC

    3. The 7" Screens should fit fine in the X5, check out for a suitable bezel. Xenarc/Gain are better quality, Lilliputs used to be flakey but it is said the newer ones are better. Also look at linitx if you are UK based.

    4. Blind Stag

    5. Fans or don't let excess heat get in there in hte first place

    6. What's the question?

    7. Most versatile and cheapest Road Runner, easiest to setup Centrafuse or FreeICE.

    8. Reslers, he does Serial or USB.


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      Check my install:

      BMW X5 2001, full integration with iBus, custom made bazel, e.t.c.
      I did some changes to my install and I will post more pics soon.
      BMW X5 Carputer Project
      Finished: 85%