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  • Smartphone Remote Front End?

    Hey everyone.

    I've very fresh to carputing but am very knowlegable in terms of Consumer electronics and will shortly be MECP Silver Certified.

    I am looking at installing and putting together A car putter system for my demo vehical and wanted to be able to control it remotely at a show or from miles away.

    My best conclusion for this (long range capabilies as well as close prox) would be to control though my Smartphone which runs windows mobile 6.

    I know already that it is possible to pretty much run everything through your Carputer using a series of triggered inputs and outputs (still reading up on how this is done via a PC) Therefore controling any after market alarm/control.

    I also know that there are several telamatic systems availabe right now that rely on either satalie communication through a call center as well, or a secondary cellphone embadded and chipped into the car using various moduals.

    Apart from that I know you can network your cellphone and Carputer together via the Wi-fi capabilities of both as well as bluetooth.

    Now, what I'm trying to figure out is wether or not (I've been seaching for hours) There is a product out there you can use to remotely operate your vehical from your touchscreen cellphone via a front end style application for your phone.

    If so please school me on how exactly this would work. I know you can set up an program for your cellphone so that at the push of an onscreen button you can send a predetermined txt. which could start your car. On top of that you can skin these buttons and make a very presentable user interface. This would take care of remotely operating/recieving information about the car from far away...

    I don't know of such software though.

    Also I'd be looking for Telematic Style GPS tracking for speed and position. I'm not exactly sure if there is a way to do this without suscribing to a service plan (i.e. is there a way to use you TomTom gps nav system to do this?)

    along with this I would like to be able to control my car from close range on a descrete secure channel.

    I was thinking bluetooth at first be we all know it has its security issues.
    Wi-Fi was my next best bet making a closed network between the car and PC. but for this to work I would need some sort of trigger in which to pull my car out of hibernation... so this would not be a viable solution.

    So here is where I'm at and what I'm looking for:

    My cellphone has:
    Windows Mobile 6
    touch screen
    GPS ready

    I'm looking for:
    Software in which to integrate and recognize
    GPS Tracking
    Alarm/triggered input output sensitivity
    Remotely control media center
    and 2 way communication from anywhere North-America

    I'm thinking I may have to combine 2-3 options (i.e. telematic system for GPS tracking and Long range control) and bluetooth for closerange while computer is booted as well as a keyfob to get into and start my car.

    The only problem with this is my doorpopper/robotic vertical lift kit will still require a remote which is really stupid because I can control all of those triggers through the pc if it is on.

    I hope I've been clear in what I'm looking for.
    Software does not have to meet all criteria... just a point in the right direction is all I need