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2 caps and 2 4 gauge power wires

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  • 2 caps and 2 4 gauge power wires

    hey guys i was wondering how do you cap to differnt wires going to two differnt amps?...what do you use?

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    I'm not too sure what you mean by caps (capacitors?)

    Or do you mean how do you split 12v+,l in order to supply 2 amps with power?

    There are distribution blocks that accept a 4ga or 8ga wire input (say from your car's battery), and have 4 or so 8ga output terminals to feed amps and stuff..

    Look under "car audio"

    This is a Car PC forum, dedicated to things carpc, such as connecting carpc audio output to amplifiers....check at top of page, there are references to forums just for car audio.

    Best of luck and blessings.
    Happy CarPC'ing!


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      Hey, if you were talking about 2 capacitors to 4 amps.

      You'd have to use a distro block.
      You get them sometimes with wiring kits, other wise you can get them online for cheap.
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        some caps also have multiple terminals on them, or if they have a post style, you can usually put more than one ring terminal on each positive and negative post.