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Audi A4 Avant 2008 Car PC

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  • Audi A4 Avant 2008 Car PC

    Hello Everyone,

    Well, where to start?

    I thought about the car pc 4 years ago and wondered if it was possible..... years later, after a lot of research and studying i wrote a business related thesis about it and finally implemented it in a very expensive car, my very own Audi A4 Avant 2.0TFSI Quattro S-Line 60000 Euros of pure power and sheer elegance.

    Hope you enjoy, i love the forum, it has been very helpfull and will continue to be so in the future!!

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      check it out in show off your rides.



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        Some Pictures

        Here are some pictures of the whole progress form day 1.

        The whole installation took 4 days since we had to think carefully where to put every component for maximum efficiency.


        Dismantling the bottom part of the dash:

        Dismantling the center console:

        Side view of center console:

        Chopping the brackets inside center console:

        The bracket after cutting out the excess parts:

        Sanding down the internal part of the center console in order to make the A/C control panel fit in the place of the ashtray:


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          Now for some Headrests!!

          Here we are opening the headrests and removing one of the 2 internal plastic cases in order to fit the monitor bracket:

          This is the result of the space created for the in-dash monitor:

          The in-dash monitor finally fitted:

          The headrest have been fitted into position so that we can see if the viewing angle is good:

          Then we ran the monitor cables thru the seats:

          Running some tests:


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            The Final Result

            After struggling for 4 days the result was very rewarding!!

            Rear View:

            Linksys Wi-Fi:

            The Voom2 black case. Ignore the keyboard and mouse cables since they will be replaced in a couple of days by RF keyboard mouse and the mess is going to clean up:

            View from rear door:

            Rear view:

            Hope you like it. I still need to find a way to add the OBD II cable and software related. If anyone has any ideas, i would definately like to hear them!!