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HELP! O5 Grand Cherokee Radio Wiring Diagram

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  • HELP! O5 Grand Cherokee Radio Wiring Diagram

    I Have A 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee, And I Was Wondering If Anyone Know's Where To Go To Find The Radio's Wiring Diagram. All I Need To Know Is Which Speaker Wires Are For The Rear And The Colors And Which One's Are - And +...... If Any One Could Could Help It Wounld Be Greatly Appriciated. Thanks...

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    if you still have your stock harness then just grab the harness adapter and go from there. It will save you a whole load of headache.

    Option 2: friend yourself a 9 volt battery. if you have matching wire (colour) then touch 1 to positive and 1 to negative... the speaker that you hear a pop from obviously belongs to those wires. How do it again and observe whether or not the speaker moves forward or backwards with you do this.
    if the speaker moves forward, you're golden and have found your pos and neg
    if the speaker moves backwards you just have to reverse the polarity

    EIA colour codes to help you out with MOST aftermarket harnesses

    Grey: front right +
    grey/black: front right -

    White: Front left +
    White/black: Front left -

    Purple: Rear Right +
    Purple/black: Rear Right -

    Green: Rear left +
    Green/black: Rear left -

    Yellow: 12v constant power

    Red: 12v acc wire

    Black: Chassis ground. DO NOT use original ground in your stock harness. Find a new chassis ground that is someone isoloated from other accesories in the car. This is done for power handling Capabilities as well as to reduce induced noise that comes from the stock ground.

    Hope this helps you out a little.
    you can also try google to find the exact colour code.. but I would never go on that at all. your best friend for doing any wiring job is a DMM. Please invest in one

    Also test lights = garbage and draw more then enough current to fry the ecu or deploy airbags...
    if you have one... THROW IT OUT


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      ok thanks, what im really trying to do is hook up a amp's RCA's to the factory radio. i have a little box that your supposed to hook it to the rear speaker wires and the other side is female RCA's.


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        my bad... it looks like your stock radio uses a factory amplifier that I believe is under the driver dash area.
        out of your stock headunit it looks like it communicates with everything though the CAN bus
        so you're going to have to connect at the amp not at the deck.


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          i found out what the wiring diagram was. i got every thing to work but when i turn them on the subs bump at full volume all the time exept for when the radio is all the way turned down....??????

          p.s. it does have a factory amp. its under the rear driver side seat.


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            Okay, this is all about setting your gains now
            first turn down all of your gains

            Next ajdust the volume on the deck to as loud as you can right before it starts to clip.
            next turn it down a 2-5 levels depending on your headunit... this is mainly to give yourself some head room.

            Good. Once that is set move down the line to your LOC make sure that the gain on it is set low if not off completely. then slowy move your way up just until you hear a change in volume. Then back off just until the volume goes back down.

            Now, go to your amp. at this point you may already have the linear sound you want from your system. If not go back and turn up the gain up to the point where the volume starts to raise. slowly continue until you can hear the sub just starting to distort. back off until about 1/4 - 1/8th of a turn... you're creating some headroom for yourself so that your subwoofer is never being over driven.

            Go back to your headunit, and sweep from low to high.. see if you like what you hear.. if not re-adjust the gains.

            Please note that your gain controls ARE NOT volume knobs by anymeans. they are only there to match the level of signal coming from the deck. you DO NOT get more output wattage by raising the gain and you just end up overdriving your speaker.

            let me know how that works out for you


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              Looks like ICE_customs has you figure out...

              ... but I wanted to through out a the WKJeeps web site if you need more wiring diagrams or want to know more about the audio in the Jeep. Milous has a lot of good information, part numbers, and specs on there.

              In particular, the Audio Pinouts page has the details on the wiring.


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                PLZ Help..

                I am replying to this thread because it has been the most helpful, As I am in desperate need as well.

                Some info on my situation. I have a 2005 Grand Cherokee limited with 6 disk changer and steering controls and I am trying to install a fold out monitor.

                My problem is that the wiring harness adapter that i bought does not match the factory plug at all.

                I have checked the pin outs (thanks to the info from you guys earlier) and when matching my plug to the one pictured HERE (radio connector C1 matches mine) it seems that my plug only has 13 wires going to it when the one pictured has 17... see my frustration

                This is whats missing on mine compared to the diagram:
                7 Gray RIGHT FRONT SPEAKER (+)
                8 Gray / Brown RIGHT FRONT SPEAKER (-)
                9 Dark Green / Brown LEFT FRONT SPEAKER (-)
                10 Dark Green LEFT FRONT SPEAKER (+)

                I am now unsure where to go with this, Im hoping not to the amp if it has one under the dash due to a couple other things being stuffed under there.

                Do I possibly have the wrong adapter? Is there any other options?

                Any more info you guys/gals may have would be appreciated.