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  • Setup Power Question

    Just wanted to get an opinion from some of the more knowledgeable ppl here.

    I have the following setup as a 'project pc' that's not really used much anymore. I would like to place it in my Mazda 3 but I'm not too sure on the PSU I'd be needing to power it. I've been told to stay away from an inverter if possible...

    Mobo: MSI P6N 650i ATX LGA775 Intel
    CPU: Core2Duo T8100 (It's fairly new...)
    Vid: XFX GeForce 8600GT PCIeX16
    Sound: On-Board Audio ( for now.. )
    Ram: 1GBX2 Kingston DDR2 800 240-Pin
    Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 400gb sata ST3400620AS (I think... It's newer too)

    I plan on having a few usb devices play it safe and say 4. I want to run at least 1 ir cam and possibly another backup cam. That's for future install though.

    Note: I also have an old 250gb Laptop sata drive I pulled about 6months back. I don't have the model info on it tho.

    The following psu calculator set the recommended level at ~250. This seemed low to me. I did look for my docs for the various parts listed above but they hav been lost in the trash can

    I was looking at the Opus 320Watt PSU but still that seems low as the Power Supply in the PC at the moment is sitting at a comfy 500Watt.

    The reason I want to try and stick with my parts listed above, save the fact I already have them for free, is that I run a beefy install of Ubuntu on it and would like to keep that as my CarPC interface. Saves on install time. Plus it just works and looks bad ***

    Any feedback is appreciated!

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    A couple suggestions and observations:

    1 - Lose the high-end video card. You're simply not going to need it in the car. Get a lesser video card.

    2 - You're really not going to need a second hard drive. It only adds to the power draw.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I was considering the option of using the 2.5 laptop dirve in place of the mentioned 3.5 drive if i needed to save the power