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Newbie (help with vga connect)

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  • Newbie (help with vga connect)

    Ive been going throught the fourms and i have seen it what im looking for. I am starting to try and design an in carpc. The machine will be a dell inspiron 1150. The problem im having is how to get it to recognize its hooked up to a external monitor without having to use the fn/lcd key every time.

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    I am assuming in the BIOS, it will ask what you want the default screen to be. I also know that under screen appearance, you would select the external screen as main monitor. Usually though you dont have to set anything, if the last thing you used was the external it should just start up to that.... On my Gateway I have an external monitor because the original screen broke. The only time it will try to go back to the broken screen is if the battery completely dies.
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      for most laptops there is a setting that will do this automatically.

      right click on your desktop and go to yuor settings. There will be settings for when you close your lid. Set it to 'Do Nothing'. Then when power down your machine. Connect your external monitor. Press the power button and close the lid. The bootup process and windows logon will all be on the external monitor
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