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  • Pre-amp or Software Equalizer

    Hi All,

    Quick question: I found that with my amp and car pc connected that the amp rating sound like it is roughly 35W RMS output.

    I did find one song in particular that sound like its output is equal to 60W RMS.

    Now I know this is due to equalizer and the way the mp3 has been encoded. But not all my songs are encoded this way and on general all songs tend to have 35W RMS output.

    Would the better option be: Pre-amp (signal booster) to allow all songs 60W RMS output by default, or would a software equalizer / booster be a better option?

    I currently have my amp set to 6v input, should I changed this to 0.2V input? Maybe this will help?

    I have a 4 channel audiobank 800W RMS amp (NAB 4200.4 - Stock Code), I know the amp output does allow for 60W RMS max output, but I never really found it to give more than 35W RMS output normal rating (except that one song).

    I don't have details or schematics of how to adjust the amp, neither can I find any information more than what is printed in my booklet (even from the suppliers site).

    Can you please let me know the better choice and why (maybe this is just a amp setting?)...