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time for a carputer in my ty

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  • time for a carputer in my ty

    i've gotten the urge to put a dvd player/touch screen high end type stereo in my 93 gmc typhoon. only problem is while browsing for a head unit i couldn't find anything in my price range with the features i want. then it hit me a carputer, i remeber hearing talk about this alot but never seen one and never realized it had gotten so popular. i used to build desktop computers from the time of the p2 till they broke the 1gig processor speed so i have the basics, but by profession i'm a mechanic so this should be fun.

    now on to my project plans.

    vehicle:1993 gmc under going major repairs due to a blown motor
    parts i have: 1 15 L7 solobaric, 1 mtx 1501d amp, mtx 404 amp, 1farad capacitor, clarion 6.5's and fosgate 6x9, optima battery/maybe 2

    now i may or may not use all that or swap any of it for something different

    in dash touch screen molded in place of my factory radio
    full 5.1 sound
    able to tune my fast xfi w/ it
    linked to as many sensors as possible to monitor -- could be through the fast box
    wireless internet/clearwire
    multiple screens for viewing -- visor/headrest maybe
    blue tooth link for cell maybe
    custom fiberglass boxes/mounts
    led/neon light highlighting
    dvd player

    maybe more as i learn more
    Killeen tx

    93 typhoon #1110 work in progress

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    Good Luck on the project... carpc is a very addicting hobbie.. *L*