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  • Can this be used

    I'm planning to install a car pc and everbody looking for small form factor boards etc. so I saw this at Tiger direct , and you guys think this can be used for a car pc. its fairly cheap for what you get and small in size. one question would be how to power it? it has its own power supply inside, but not sure how I would hook it up -- here is the link it runs on dc - only 135 watts

    what you guys think..

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    Any computer can be used in a car.
    No, some units present more problems than others because of non-proprietary hardware (mostly motherboards), BIOS that lack desired features and so on.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I like it

      nice form factor . I LIKE IT
      Planning 100%
      Fabrication 100%
      Components 100%
      Computer 100%
      Front End 80%

      Live It Love It Slam It


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        It is ok. To power it you will need to take out the power supply that is in it, and buy a DC-DC power supply from this site.

        I would highly suggest you look on and buy the PC in pieces and build it yourself. You will spend about half as much.