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Needs info on Lilliput EBY701 + video adaptor

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  • Needs info on Lilliput EBY701 + video adaptor


    I'm about to start building a complete CarPC setup.

    My plan is that I want 4 touchscreens (7"). One in the dashboard, one for the passengerside and two in the headrests for the backseat passengers.

    The overall idea is that it should be possible to view diffenrent sources on all the 4 screens, and that the users should be able to select their source themselves, but the "master" screen should be able to select the source for every single screen as well.. The sound output for the master screen should go to the car speakers, and the audio for the other screens should be available through headphones connected to the single screen.
    I know it's quite a programmatically challenge to handle 4 outputs not to mention 4 touch inputs, but I'm confident that I will be able to sort that out.

    My concern is the touch screens. I see that Lilliput EBY701 is a very popular screen for carPC use, and I've searched for specifications and found that the brightness and contrast compared to the price is quite good.
    But... I haven't been able to find some 100% clear specifications how the screen is connected. Aparently there is this adaptor cable with a standard D-Sub VGA input and USB touch input, and then I assume that there is a minijack audio input, but still I want to make sure that I understood this correctly before ordering 4 monitors.
    My idea is to find an external USB video adaptor with VGA output capable of displaying 800x480 resolution, hopefully with built in soundcard as well if possible.
    What I want to do then is to connect a USB HUB from the PC, connect one USB out to the touch input and another to the video(and sound) adaptor, and from the videoadaptor connect the D-Sub cable to the monitor (and if possible a minijack to the audio input) This way I will only have one single USB cable to each screen, plus the 12V power coord.

    Another thing is that I haven't been able to find out wither the monitor is capable of handling stereo audio signals as well. I plan to use the monitors built in headphone amplifier, so the question is if the monitor takes a stereo signal input and send it out through the headphone connection still in stereo?

    If anyone knows of a good external USB video adaptor, I'd like to know. I prefer one with audio but this is not a must. The most important thing is that I can connect it directly to the EBY701, and that it's capable of display the native resolution of 800x480. If there is no audio in the video adaptor, it should be quite easy to find an external USB audio adaptor to connect to the USB HUB.

    I could go on forever, and I problably will post some other questions later on, but for now my biggest concern is the monitors, so I hope that anyone is able to help.

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    Originally posted by jm1133 View Post
    I haven't been able to find out wither the monitor is capable of handling stereo audio signals as well
    no, the EBY-701 cannot 'handle' stereo audio signals. there is only a single RCA audio input in the dongle (the other two RCA inputs are video1 and video2).

    Originally posted by jm1133 View Post
    I plan to use the monitors built in headphone amplifier
    the EBY-701 does NOT have a built-in headphone amplifier. it has a built-in speaker in the back, and a small amplifier for that. but there is no headphone output/jack.

    also, the audio input is only used with the two composite video inputs (video1 / video2). the monitor will not output any audio when using the VGA (PC) input. although I think you can change this setting in the monitor's factory programming menu (you enter codes through the remote).

    good luck
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      Thanks a lot for providing som info on EBY-701. It seems that it would not be the screen to choose for my purpose

      Anyone knows of another touchscreen 7 or 8" that is able to send a stereo signal through the monitors amplifier, when VGA video input is selected?
      It's not important if the screen has a minijack headphone connector on the front. If not I'll use the signals to the built in stereo speakers and wire them to a connector instead.

      I prefer a native resolution of 800x600 (which is stretched to 15:9 / 16:9), and if possible I also prefer a 5 wire touchpad.

      Another nice feature would be if all signals to the screen (VGA + stereo audio + touch + power) is connected through a single connector so it would be fast/easy to unmount the headrests when parked in risky places, but without having to mess with 3 or 4 connectors for each headrest.

      The screens should also be able to easily be built into the headrests, however the front screens will be built in to the dashboard, so I just design the bezels to fit the screens.

      Any suggestions what would be the right touchscreen for my project?