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    I am thinking of putting a CarPC in my 2008 GTI, but I have some pretty specific goals. I want to maintain the OEM look of the interior, I want ample space for my 70 GB of music, and I want to display an electronic Boost Gauge on the screen (as VW didn't include one on the car, even though its a turbo from the factory).

    I came up with this concept for how I would want the home screen to look on the frontend:

    Is it possible to have an active gauge like this embedded within the main menu of the frontend? Which Front End do you guys recommend I work with?

    Please excuse the rudimentary design of the concept, I made it on in about 45 minutes, just to jot down some ideas. I would appreciate any suggestions though.

    To give you an idea of how the car's interior looks, and the inspiration for the design you check this out.