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  • CPU freezes.......

    I installed my CPU about a month ago and it has been running perfectly until about 2 days ago. Now any time I hit the slightest bump the screen freezes and the audio goes from playing my song to the most annoying whinning sound. Its a standard size MOBO and my custom case has metal bottom and back and the rest is plexiglass. I have spacers that keep the MOBO and PSU about half an inch of the bottom. The problem has to be with the MOBO since the audio and visual mess up idk if its heat or if the little bit of shock is really freezing the CPU. When I reboot it runs perfect again till I hit and little bump and it will freeze everytime. Causes and Solutions anyone?

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    Just a general suggestion - Id start off my checking all your connections - make sure no wires have come loose from your power conections (power to PSU and PSU connections)
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      I'd say the culprit is more than likely the hard drive. How is it installed and mounted? vertical or horizontal? Have you provided any cushioning for it? Is it a 3.5" or 2.5"?

      I had a 2.5" laptop drive mounted horizontally but upside down, screwed in solid to the PC case. Polish roads are full of potholes, but even little ruts were enough to lock the PC up until I reset it, upon which it restarted fine.


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        would have never guess um its a 3.5" lying metal side down and I have velcro attacked to the HD with holds it down on the case.


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          Then think about how a hard drive works. It's very similar to an old vinyl record player - the head (needle) FLOATS above the platter (disc) by microns - the bump and shake of a car in motion is enough to jerk, jog and throw the head all over the place; in extreme cases, even crashing the head onto the disc itself causing terminal disc failure.

          Read around on options of suspending your disc via bungee cords or other cushioning structures rather than strapping it down solid, unless you've cushioned the whole PC in the car against shakes and knocks.


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            thanks man I wouldent have thought of that ill do some searching.


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              Aight so I think the damage has been done and I need to get a new hardrive. Most of the time now when the computer starts up, I know this because I can hear the fan, but I dont believe it is booting because I get no synch on my screen. I got it working once today and it worked for 20 minuets going over bump and everything, I changed the mount. But, it froze when I had the car parked and was vaccuming it out. My guess is it hit a damaged part of the HDD but im not sure. Do I need a new one?