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newbie a bit out of his depth!

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  • newbie a bit out of his depth!

    hi, i found this forum as i started a bit of a project, but have got stuck!

    firstly i bought a in dash touch screen with vga and usb inputs. now firstly i relocated the headunit into the glove box so i can accomodate the touch screen in the normal din slot.

    so that sorts the screen out with dvd playback top job!

    but now i fancy popping a laptop in and using that as a cheap media centre. so i get a cheap dell laptop and check its got a vga output (it has) then i try and connect it to my screen. but this is where it goes wrong. although ive tested it out with another laptop earlier. it now refuses to work properly with this older dell laptop!

    all i get is a white screen on the touch screen and when i touch the screen the cursor does move on the laptop screen but its like its a mirrored imagine. if i touch bottom left it appears top right on the laptop!

    ive had a look at the settings but i cant figure it out

    sorry to come in and pick your brains in my first post, but any ideas??

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    Most touch screens will have you install a driver. After installation it will show a few X's on the screen you have to touch to calibrate it.

    As for the image not showing up, try changing the resolution on your laptop to 800 X 600.


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      used the install disc, got the x's on the laptop, but nothing but a white screen on the touch screen. the res was also dropped to 800 x 600.

      im beggining to wonder if the touch screen aint duff


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        Make sure the resolution is also at like 75 hertz.

        Advanced>Monitor>Refresh Rate.