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  • A new, um.. Hobby, yeah, Hobby

    Hello all!
    I've been using my laptop in my work van for some time and decided to investigate a permanent car computer installation. Touchscreen LCD was easy as I sell and service restaurant POS systems and had several used screens lying about collecting dust.

    The system is a core 2 duo 2.4 on a Gigabyte GA 945GCMX, 4Gb of DDR2 800mhz, Samsung 60GB SATA laptop boot drive and a WD 120 GB SATA laptop drive for music/movies/whatever. Monitor is a 17" Promac LM1560 with ELO touchscreen. The power system (so far) is a 400W ATX power supply and a 1000 watt inverter.

    Yeah, I get a little carried away sometimes. But then again, isn't anything worth doing worth overdoing?

    System is in an aluminum piano case and is going to become the between seats armrest. Screen is going to be mounted where my laptop desk is currently so it stays below the windscreen.

    After looking at the choices I decided to run RR with the digital FX 3 skin, brushed metal wallpaper.

    ALWAYS requesting suggestions for this! I am currently using MapPoint for the GPS but not really all that attached to it. Any suggestions on which works best with RR? And I still need to figure out TV, cameras, radio and XM. But it looks like it may be a fun project all in all.

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    Oops. Forgot to post a couple pics of the current laptop setup (soon to be replaced)