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Noob saying Hi to everyone.

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  • Noob saying Hi to everyone.

    Finally, got around to posting on here, came to this forum all because of a friend of mine from class, and he showed me his awesome setup,

    now i gotta figure out what i can put in my truck, and get the whole thing off the ground.

    Thanks to Sporty_Drew for showing me the forum and introducing me to the carputer idea.

    "now back to your regularly scheduled newbie questions"


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    Hey Curtai - WELCOME! the mad obsession known as the carpc devotion. Not a hobby, a real devotion!

    It's great that you have a friend in the real world who already has his carpc setup running. That can be a great big shortcut for you - learning from his efforts. That's what many of us do here on mp3car forums - share with and learn from one another. What could be better?

    For me, I initially just wanted to rip my personal cd's 'losslessly" (.wav format) onto my carpc, and play my music sounding most awesomely. Ripped the cd's, installed a Creative pci sound card, installed some amps and spkrs - sounds just delighful!

    I use the internet from carpc quite a bit, too, for e-mailing and just generally researching the world around me as the miles roll by.

    Best of luck and blessings on your endeavor.
    Happy CarPC'ing!