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  • Case and Mounting help

    Hi all,

    In the middle of collecting parts etc for my first carpc. I was thinking of mounting the case on the side or back of my sub box. Sub box is 3/4" mdf, is this going to wreck my sata hdd? Would it matter if the box had sound deading?
    I can also make the box so that one wall of the sub box sticks out on either side like _[]_ would mounting on the stick outs be any better, it would prob be one soild bit of wood

    On the subject of cases can anyone point me towards a case that will take a pci sound card, smaller the better.

    Thanks in advance

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    why would you want to mount your carPC to your sub box?

    I don't think the sub itself would "wreck" your HDD, but having your carPC mounted to a 'loose' sub box (the box will bounce around when you hits bumps) might damage it. another issue would be theft. if some d****bag breaks into your trunk/boot and steals your subs then you automatically lose your carPC with it. I'm not saying they wouldn't steal it anyways, but there's no point in making it easier for them.

    it would be better to mount your carPC to the car itself. it can still be in the trunk/boot, just not on the sub box itself. many people have their carPCs near/next to subwoofers. I ran mine like that for months without a problem. the HDD I used was about 6 years old, and it still works good to this day. I haven't read of any HDD failures as a direct result of being too close to a subwoofer.

    mounting your carPC in the trunk/boot works fine, many members here have their systems mounted there. it's a bit more of a pain because you need to run VGA and USB extension cables, as well as extra long wiring for power, ACC, audio, etc. I'm not telling you not to mount it there, but I would suggest looking at other locations as well, and weigh the pros/cons of each location carefully before you start building everything.

    as far as cases are concerned, we can't recommend a case until we know what components you will be using (motherboard, HDD (2.5" or 3.5"), PSU, etc).
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      Subwoofer box = Vibrations.

      Depending on how well your box is built (I'm guessing your's is pre-fab), the sides of the box actually flex.

      This will reduce the life of your PC much faster.

      So unless you are doubling up that 3/4" MDF and bracing the crap out of it, mount it to the vehicle.


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        if a sub box is built into the car, bolted down and doesnt move a millimetre would it be a good idea to mount a car pc next to it, not onto the side of the box but onto the same surface the box is mounted to.?
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          Hi all thx for the comments so far. Re the sub box, I want to mount it on the sub box as I am aiming for a stealth install and if I mount the case on the sub box it can be hidden by the false wall shown in the 1st post. Its a custom job built for my car (2006 Mazda6 MPS / Speed) so it will be bolted down tight and be made of at least 3/4" MDF and possibly a little fiberglass). Is being made by myself and a buddy of mine who is a cabinet maker so we can brace and seal the hell out of it

          For the case my ideal pc components at the moment are

          M4-Atx PSU
          Intel D201GLY2A Motherboard
          1g DDR2 677 Ram
          Sata 2.5" around 120g
          Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio
          USB Devices for Internet, OBDII, DVD, GPS etc

          Thanks for the continuing help