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  • Working on a project

    Whats up guys and girl. I am just getting into this end of the portable computer world and I have ran into a problem. I am not sure which OS i want to begin with.

    my current hardware is a HP Compaq nc6320 along with a full docking station (port replicator). Some of the features I would like to include on this project are

    - Integrated Voice Commands
    - Text to voice readback
    - Alert (error?) message read back
    - System Monitoring
    - MP3 Playback
    - Voice readback from a IM client/Bot Script

    Problem is I do not know which OS this would be easier to do this with. I can install either Windows or Linux on these laptop. Currently this laptop is running Debian as it's primary OS installation. As well any suggestions as to how to get trhe voice recognition working properly with either OS would be great. I am open to advice and criticism as well