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cheap and lazy solution?

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  • cheap and lazy solution?

    I am about to dump some money into a car pc.
    Is the navisurfer worth it or I should simply start from the store ?
    I am excellent with computers, but lazy as hell. Could not find any definitive reviews about the navisurfer, but I like the size/install location.

    Also, is there any kit here that would enable auto-engage camera on rear gear? Could not find it around the forums...


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    Welcome to the world of car PCs. If you prefer not to build your own PC that is cool. You will end up learning a lot anyway just installing and configuring the thing. has some systems to choose from. You can also find other sites like logicsupply that will custom build to your order and even load the OS and test for you.

    The rear view camera is easily implemented if you use a Xenarc touchscreen. You can set it up to auto switch to the camera input when it turns on. The camera should be connected to your backup lights so it comes on when you shift to reverse. When you shift back to drive the display goes back to the pc.

    There is a wealth of information available by clicking the FAQ tab at the top of any forum page. Have fun.


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      thx, you covered most of the info i needed.
      so simple. i guess, programming does not cover car mechanics either...i was thinking about getting a switch by the gear shifter to connect when on rear...but lights will work just fine!

      thx again.
      i wonder if mp3 car will customize one for me....


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        looked over logicsupply, nice, but #$130 to $180 shipping to Canada? LOL !!!!
        that kills the whole deal !!!!

        Well, it is about doing business and doing business WELL!