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Just need some information for Video problem Thank you

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  • Just need some information for Video problem Thank you

    Hi folks... first of all, sorry for my poor english. I'm better in french but anyway i can make a try for talking with you :P

    I'm really new in Carputer system but not in computer. I got all my pieces for my project and all thing work very well. I only got one problem with Video codec. I explain, i use Centrafuse 1.47 (not sure about the version) and i install a fresh windows Xp Sp2 version with all new driver. I don't get any Xvid or Divx video play in any player like Media player of directly in Centrafuse. I can see the Xvid or Divx in Jetaudio but i don't want to use this soft for play custom video. I download many Codec Pack from Many source and i get always the same result.

    this is my stuff

    Jetway J7F2WE2G MINI-ITX VIA C7-2ghz 512 DDR2 533mhz
    40g Western 2.5 Sata
    DVD combo 3.5 Sata
    M2N power supply

    you have any idea for this problem ??? or something i can try ??

    i'm not noob in computer but this time, i don't see what is the reason for that trouble.

    Thank you a lot for your help !! i hope someone gonna be able to find the solution.

    I need to make a casing for all my stuff and after that i gonna put some pics in your "show off" section for other people who like to know how i make this project.

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    "Codec Packs" really arn't the greatest thing to use out there... It's like trying to get rid of an ant using a grenade. Quite often they also introduce more problems as well.

    Uninstall your codec pack.

    Then, since you are interested in divx and xvid do EITHER of the following:

    1. Install FFDShow, OR
    2. Install just the divx codec and xvid codec (downloadable from their homepages).

    FInally, try to play the files in windows media player after the above. If Windows Media player will play the file, then you should be set. If you still have problems playing it in Centrafuse after that, then you'll know it's centrafuse causing the problem.


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      It all depends on prefrence. I found a pack called XP pack that bundles every single codec into it..... I had the same issue you had, but with my media center PC..... Here is the link. The only one I do not see is DivX in the list, but I dont think I had to install DivX, so it must be there. If DivX is not there then that is the only one you need to install.... it has all others.
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