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Clarion Headunit Help Using MP3 Player

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  • Clarion Headunit Help Using MP3 Player

    Hi there, basically all i've been wanting to do is play my MP3 player in my car. I've got a ****** old Saxo and i'm just looking for a temporary solution really until i get a better car.

    I've tried the FM recievers which i just get really poor signal through, i've tried the cassette thing which plugs straight into your mp3 but my cassette is jammed now so that doesn't work anymore.

    I recently bought a RCA to 3.5mm headphone cable thinking i could plug it directly into the back of the headunit but i've been told that the rca connectors on the back are inputs not outputs (or the other way around) i'm no expert on this AT ALL but it didn't work i know that, all that happened was i could only hear faint sound coming from the player.

    So now it's come to my pretty much last option, i've now got a DIN cd changer cable to RCA male then i've connected the RCA to 3.5 cable to that and then to my player, problem is now though that i can't get the headunit to switch to play as if it's playing through a normal cd changer. I know it's capable of it as it says on the headunit cd changer. Can someone with a bit more knowledge than me please help?