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Specing new system need some input

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  • Specing new system need some input

    I've been reading and looking at a lot of the info and I'm hoping to get some ideas. I have a 2006 Chrysler 300c, and a double din slot. I have the 8 speaker boston aucoutics premium audio which I don't really want to rip out right now. So my goal will be to interface carPC into that sound system.

    My thought was to run a regular stereo and then a single din screen. The screen I want to get is the xenarc mdt-x7000 which looks pretty cool. The more I look at it though the more I'm wondering if I need the head unit with this?

    I was originally thinking since I have double din I would take 1 din for the screen and then second din for the monitor. Using the regular stereo to interface into car speaker system with a wiring harness. Then from the screen into aux input on the stereo. Now that I'm reading more about the mdt-x7000 I don't even know if I really need that extra step. My only concern would be wiring it into the amp and speaker system the Chrysler has. Any input from the more experienced here? Thanks for the help.

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    Also for the PC itself I think I'm going to go with this setup. Trunk mount since the dash is a bit cramped.

    and the M2 ATX 160w for power

    Any advice for me? Am I missing something? I'm starting out small right now with plans to add more functionality as I go. Just want to get the basic system up and running right now.


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      double post. Weird delay here.


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        It looks like that screen is itself its own head unit. So you don't really even need a separate one assuming you can hook the speakers up directly. Of course it probably isn't all that super on the amplifier components. So you might want to do some more research if you want better audio quality but for a first iteration that looks rather sweet.

        I have a Worklog, but I have to take pictures as it's completely out of date now.