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first time build and question.....go crazy

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  • first time build and question.....go crazy

    New guy here, old timers have fun with this....skies the limit;

    I have two custom builds, a 77 Bronco and a 94 Bronco. Here's what I want to do for each:

    77 Bronco
    touchscreen monitor (either xenarc 70001DT or MDT X7000)
    car diagnostics and gauge displays
    true internet connectivity
    Back up camera
    Windows office with XP or vista OS
    mulitiple USB ports (i know i can always buy additional spreader)
    this would be used in ALL applications like a desk/laptop
    would like the computer to run f'n fast with no lag, and still retain cutesey smallness
    I would like the option to power the carpc on/off independently of the ignition
    I'm trying to get recommendations for what system would deliver this, and any additional components I would need to get. I will not be installing this either. I plan to have it done by my builder or someone I can find knowledgable in this arena.

    Oh yeah, as far as price goes....the 77 is going to cost in excess of 100K, so I'm not really sweating it. BUT, I'm wanting to stay more budget on the 94. So is a 2-3K budget realistic, if I"m looking to do the exact same things with the 94 as I listed above for the 77? ALSO, I am adding engine info due to early responses. BOTH vehicles will run 2002 5.9L, cummins DIESEL engines. Thanks for any input.

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    For either of the cars to have car diagnostics and gauges, you're going to need extra sensors in the engine. I dont know American cars at all, but they still didnt have OBDII in 1994, and definitely not in 1977, so even if you can get a prebuilt system to do the gps, internet and camera, you're going to be playing around with non-standard kit to read the engine data.


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      You have to options for your diagnostics.

      The easier way is to get a modern crate motor with modern electronics & computer. You can interface with it from a PC via an OBD connector. considering your budget, this shouldn't be an issue. There are other benefits to a modern FI crate motor such as fuel economy, reliable starting, and so on.

      The other way would be to implement your own sensors in the engine and cobble together an interface. You'd be tapping places to mount sensors in the proper locations (engine block, intake manifold, headers, etc.). It would be the cheaper route, but you've got to know what you're doing 100% as far as reading data from the sensors and outputting the data.

      Honestly, the first option is going to be the better, more reliable option. I don't know if a full-on crate motor is in your budget. You might be able to find a used motor with all the modern electronics from a junker vehicle and get it running.

      You could also go with an aftermarket FI system that you can tune via computer. I know that Street & Performance offers kits to pull this off, including the computer to control it all (I don't mean the PC). I have no experience with these units, but it may be another route.

      Good luck and keep us apprised of your progress.

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