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Mobile Hotspot Setup - Please Critique

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  • Mobile Hotspot Setup - Please Critique


    I'm interested in building a mobile hotspot (wifi) in my car. Here's what I plan to do. I would appreciate any suggestions, corrections, and pointers.
    • Kyocera KR2 Mobile Router: I figure I would use the "latest and greatest" mobile router. Are there any other options I can be looking at? How are the CradlePoint routers?
    • Aircard® 595 by Sierra Wireless: This seems to be compatible with the KR2. Any other options I should be looking at? I'm looking for something stable.
    • Sprint Unlimited Mobile Broadband Connection Plan ($59.99) : Can anyone comment on the speed/stability on Sprint? I opt'ed for Sprint because it's month-to-month (no contract) so I can cancel anytime just in case this project falls through.
    • Voltage Regulator w/ Fuse?: I called Kyocera technical support and asked about power specifications. They said "output 12 V 1.5A." A search on Google said "KR2 requires 9v at 2A." Would I need a voltage regulator? If so (or to be safe), can someone point me to a nice voltage regulator with a fuse so I can just connect the regulator between the router and the battery.
    • Standalone Car Battery: Not much comment here. The battery I'm looking at has an amp hour rating of 21. So if the router requires 1.5A, divide 21/1.5 and that's approximately 14 hours. That should be more than sufficient. I'm opting for a standalone car battery (opposed to leeching off the car battery) because my car battery is a tiny race battery. I plan to charge it with a standard battery charger.
    • Power Switch : An external simple power switch to kill the power on the router. I'll probably have the router and battery in an enclosure so an external power switch would be easier than reaching in/behind to kill the power.

    So yeah, please comment! I guess if this all works out, I'll have an audio shop build a simple custom enclosure and stick it in my car.

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    voltage regulator

    if your good with electronics, you can pop the top off the unit and follow the + positive trace from the power jack to the first IC it goes to. Look up the number on that ic to find a spec sheet for it and see what the input voltage range is. I use the D-link mobile router, and the unit says 12-24vdc at 2 amp. But the built in voltage regulator in the d-link was good for 4volt to 24vdc! so i tried it and worked! survives an engine start too! i leave mine on all the time even when im parked, have not let it set for longer than 2 days but it never runs my battery down.

    Good luck!