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New here, Just have to say Hello. :)

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  • New here, Just have to say Hello. :)

    I have been lurking here for the past few weeks and recently just joined and I thought this would make a nice first post.

    I am in the process of building a Car PC for my Daughter, nothing fancy just the bare essentials. MP3, WMA, CD, and of course Video. DVD?? maybe. I am using Virtual PC to test OS'es ect...
    I have ordered 2 mainboards 2 SSD,s and 2 DC to DC power supplys. But I still have not decided on the screen or the style of CD Drive I am going to use.
    My Base OS is going to be "I think" TinyKP beast. Seems stable and fast booting "on the test board I have" about 20 seconds from post to Shell.
    But that might change when installed on the real board.

    This will be installed in a 89 Mustang Hatchback. Yea I know a Mustang for a 15 year old?????? The car currently has a Sherwood Head Unit with 5.1 suround and the 12 Volt Series 6 Channel Amp. Powering 2 10" Quantum Subs in a Band-Pass box, 2 Polk 5 1/4" door Speakers 3 way and a set of Pioneer 5 X 8 3 way in the rear.
    SO if anyone has some thoughts for a nice install Screen drives ect... feel free to do so.
    I am always looking to learn something new.

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    post some interior pics so we know what we are working with
    SO if anyone has some thoughts for a nice install Screen drives ect
    just like pretty much everything else, depends on what you plan to spend. you've got hundreds of options.


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      Sounds like you have a decent budget laid out. How much power do you want? Single contained unit in the dash or PC-sitting-like-an-amp method?

      And if it is for your daughter you HAVE to have DVD or she'll think its weak
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