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  • Simple Monitor Setup

    Hello folks,

    I am just starting into this, but I'd like to keep this as simple as possible right now. All I'd like to do is hook up two (or three) monitors (non touchscreen required) to the video output on my laptop, so the kids can watch movies, etc. Not play games, or anything, just watch movies.

    I've been looking at monitors, but have had a hard time finding ones that aren't touch screen.

    Firstly, is there a monitor type/brand/etc that you'd recommend? How would I hook up all two/three to it?

    Having the monitors in the headrest isn't completely necessary, the portability would be nice. But, if someone said.. yeah that's the headrest one TO buy. Then I'd consider it.

    Cost is a factor here. As I might need 3. (3 kids)

    Thanks everyone!