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    hi guys!

    am new to this fourm , my name is mana , and I live in Dubai , UAE..

    so far , am liking this site , i have been reading alot , and i have been seeing lot's of nice new ideas , and they are so fascinating! also i got some friends who is also planing to do the "CarPC" similer to what you guys are doing here...

    anyhow , am one of thos Jobless 19 years old kids who had fall in love with thos flashy touch screen in side car interiors , after seeing lot's of this projects , I have decided to Install one in my 2008 Suzuki Swift....
    Keep in mind , I like my Car's stock Audio system , and am only planning to do somthing "Bolt-on" , as I have alots nightmares with wires/electric... , after searching this site , i have found that it's not worth to strip my car's whole interior for a PC (Keep in mind that am noob at wiring/looming/Connection/electic,etc) so doing so will be a pure nightmare!
    I have decided to do Somthing Simple , I will pay for it as long as it's Good , Reliable , Simple , and Look Stockish...
    SO , my Solution to my Problem is :

    1-Buy A Good-quality Double-din touch screen Head Unit.
    2-Buy A Base that would Accept the double-din touch screen.

    After Some searchs i did around here , I had found out that this Setup is Great and Simple , but in one way or another , Not Cheap , But it's ok , am willing to pay for it as long as it's a Good-quality Setup..

    After searching the Market , I found out a Solution for the 2nd Problem : Buy a Base!

    But here is my Big Qustion for you guys...

    " What are the Good brands of the All-in-one double-din touchscreen Head units? "

    I have seen way to many Headunit , Some looks cheap , some looks Good , so am wondering, which to buy and which to avoid? Sony? Boss? Pioneer? Power Acoustik? XO Vision?
    Prices and Future varies , I tried Searching about thoson here , but havn't found the Green light...

    Sorry For being too much Blah blah...

    Thank you