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?? cellphone, dual monitor & interface help??

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  • ?? cellphone, dual monitor & interface help??

    Ok, 1st post here although I've been a reader for a few months. Just got my 1st pc in my truck and now I'm trying to make everything play nicely together. Can't find answers to a couple things:

    1. Cellphone control for vx6700. Tried using RRmobile but can't get that to work right. Freephone doesn't support it. What option are available, if any, for the 6700?

    2. Dual monitors. Right now I've got a 15" in the dash and want to drop another in the rear/overhead. Easy with a dual mon card BUT... the problem that's killing me right now is finding a card that will support a RCA out and dual monitors. I'd like to use one out to feed my kenwood 7015 but cant seem to find one that will even support its 480x234 res. Any suggestions? Even disreguarding the 3rd monitor and trying 2, the 15" and the Kenwood?

    3. Did I miss something in the new beta version of RR or can't you set the location for the weather???