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phase linear uv8 touchscreen input

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  • phase linear uv8 touchscreen input

    hey guys. i know some of the higher end indash touchscreens have inputs so that you can control other touchscreens through the indash 7inch. now, my inputs are only vga. i'm wondering if there's something i could mod to transfer touchscreen data elsewhere? thanks

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    Huh? A touchscreen controlling another touchscreen? Makes no sense whatsoever.

    You have a VGA input but no USB connection? You probably don't have a touchscreen and likely need a touchkit to add touch functionality.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      haha i knew people probably wouldnt understand... well let me tell you exactly what i want to do. I've got the Phase Linear 7" single din touchscreen headunit.
      I run Megasquirt standalone engine management, and instead of running gauges, i would like to put electronic gauges on my touchscreen. now i know i could use a laptop and vga cables to use it as an external monitor, but if possible, i'd love to be able to use something like this without the screen:

      So, how can it be done? I basically want to replace that screen with the external Phase linear screen