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New to this stuff. CarPC in e36 m3

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  • New to this stuff. CarPC in e36 m3

    I am looking into the carputer stuff and want to look into putting one in an e36 m3. The dash in these cars go

    A/C Control
    On Board Computer
    Sunglass Holder

    I was thinking of removing sun glass holder. Taking out radio, moving the On Board Computer to Radio spot and mounting the 7in screen where the OBC and Sunglass holder usually go. Then running a vga to the laptop under the drivers seat? Would that be a good spot. But i was wondering if this would work? With the headunit out. How would I get the sound from the speakers into the laptop?

    Please dont be harsh on me. I am new to this stuff and in need of some help. Thanks guys.

    What else would i need other than this?